Tuesday, June 4, 2024: Geocaching Smith Mountain Lake to Alta Vista
Last week, I needed a geocaching fix in the worst way, and the nearest concentration left for me to claim was at Smith Mountain Lake, about an hour northeast of here. The caches resided along numerous different channels and inlets with no direct access between them, which meant a not-so-short trip... (Read more.)


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From Shortwave Publishing... DEATHREALM: SPIRITS
From soft, dreadful whispers to high, chilling screams, a chorus of hellish voices emerges from the darkness to lure and draw you back to their hellish home — The Land Where Horror Dwells.

Deathrealm magazine was one of the most celebrated horror publications of the 20th Century, and now its creator brings you a new volume of fiction and verse for the 21st Century and beyond. Deathrealm: Spirits features 20 new ghostly stories (and poems) by some of the best to have ever written in the genre. Due for release on October 17, 2023.

Linda D. Addison Meghan Arcuri Larry Blamire Maurice Broaddus Heather Daughrity Timothy Huguenin Brian Keene Ronald Kelly Joe R. Lansdale Kasey Lansdale Eric LaRocca Patricia Lee Macomber Elizabeth Massie Bridgett Nelson Errick Nunnally Jeff Oliver Jessica Amanda Salmonson Richard Thomas Tony Tremblay David Niall Wilson

Order Deathrealm: Spirits here.

From Black Raven Books...

Many decades ago, summoned by the power of music, the Fugue Devil — a dreadful, malevolent entity from another place — entered our world. Every 17 years, it reappears to satiate its hunger for unsuspecting souls.

Author Stephen Mark Rainey’s terrifying novelette, “Fugue Devil,” originally appeared in his first fiction collection, Fugue Devil & Other Weird Horrors in 1992. Now, thirty years later, Black Raven Books brings you Fugue Devil: Resurgence, which features the original novelette; its sequel, “The Devil’s Eye”; and ten more tales of horror and mind-bending terror.

This incredible volume includes stories originally presented by such superlative publishers as Borderlands Press, Dark Regions, and others, as well as several new stories appearing in print for the first time. Cover art is by British Fantasy Award–winner Daniele Serra.

Available in ebook, paperback, and signed/limited edition hardback.

Order Fugue Devil: Resurgence from here.

From Crossroad Press...
An exciting entry in Elizabeth Massie's Ameri-Scares series for young readers, ages 8–14.

In the 1950s, Lake Sidney Lanier was built in northern Georgia. Since then, hundreds of deaths on and around the lake have given rise to legends that spirits of the dead haunt the area. Teenager Aaron Tate, who lives near the lake with his parents, doesn’t believe in ghosts. But after he witnesses a jet ski accident on the water, he begins to experience many strange things—including having nightmares that involve a strange woman from the past.

Aaron becomes friends with a girl named Suzette Sellers, who has moved into his neighborhood. Aaron learns that his family home was built on the site of an old mill that belonged to his ancestors. Suzette’s house stands on land once owned by a woman named Lula Cheshire—a woman who was rumored to be a witch. And Aaron discovers that his great-great-grandfather, Charles Tate, might have had a strange and secret relationship with Lula Cheshire.

When events in Aaron’s life begin to mirror those of his great-great-grandfather, he wonders: do ghosts truly exist? What if Lula Cheshire really was a witch? And has the long-dead woman’s spirit returned from the grave to wreak vengeance for some crime his great-great-grandfather, Charles Tate, committed against her? He and Suzette must learn the truth—and send Lula Cheshire’s spirit back to the grave—before death comes to claim both of them!

Each Ameri-Scares novel is based on or inspired by an historical event, folktale, legend, or myth unique to that particular state.

Order Georgia: The Haunting of Tate’s Mill here.

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"Damned Rodan!" Author photograph by Stephen Mark Rainey
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