The Nightmare Frontier from Crossroads Press

The town of Silver Ridge, West Virginia, has disappeared from the face of the earth.

A vast chasm prevents any living soul from crossing into the community. From above, only an impenetrable layer of mist marks the spot where the town had existed.

Inside Silver Ridge, the nightmare is just beginning.

Confined by this unimaginable barrier, the townspeople find themselves confronted by the denizens of a distant dimension: horrifying creatures that intend to transform the valley town into an outpost hospitable to their existence. To these extra-dimensional travelers, human beings are nothing more than pests to be exterminated.

Russ Copeland and Debra Harrington are determined to resist… but as they face death to restore Silver Ridge to its rightful place on Earth, they find that their true enemy may not be the incomprehensible invaders, but an insidious evil whose origin is closer to home than they can imagine.


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The Nightmare Frontier
By Stephen Mark Rainey
Publisher: Crossroad Press
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Originally published in a limited edition by Sarob Press, 2006, now out of print. Visit the original edition Web page here.


In Nightmare Frontier, Rainey does a fantastic job—through tight plotting, great characterization, and an intelligent writing style—of convincing the readers that we are there…and that the nightmares are real.
—T. T. Zuma, HorrorWorld

"Remember what it was like to read a horror novel that actually made you sweat with dread and your hand shake ever-so-slightly as you turned the page? Remember what it was like to feel your heart thud against your chest as the plight of the characters became your own? Remember what it was like to have a story cast a spell over you rather than ram everything down your throat? If so, you've reason to rejoice; if not, then you need to discover what that's like. In either case, Mark Rainey's The Nightmare Frontier delivers the goods. This is the Good, Real Stuff. From its powerful opening in the jungles of Vietnam to its nerve-wracking finale, this novel never releases its grip on the reader's nerves, brains, and heart."
—Gary Braunbeck, author of In Silent Graves, In the Midnight Museum, and Things Left Behind

By the time I was up to the 7th or 8th chapter of The Nightmare Frontier, I felt like a kid again, watching a Saturday afternoon monster movie — only this time with an authentic sense of dread. The Nightmare Frontier is a slick, fast-paced monster mash that blends elements of sci-fi with The Twilight Zone, and will surely have horror fans flipping the pages with a wicked grin on their faces. Add a huge plus here for one of the more horrifying endings I’ve read in quite some time.
—Nick Cato, The Horror Fiction Review

...Rainey takes his time with the novel's first quarter, giving us hints of the terrors to come, but he also wisely allows his readers to get to know the principle characters and their personalities. Then all Hell breaks loose when a small town is literally segregated from the surrounding communities by an alien-like barrier, and malignant forces begin making themselves known. Readers that love cosmic horror will love The Nightmare Frontier — but any serious or even casual reader of horror fiction will be rewarded.
—Mark Sieber, Horror Drive-In

Rainey leaves no stone unturned in this story of a fight for survival against an unstoppable supernatural force. The characters have depth and dimension, and Rainey’s writing style is very clear and concise...with a wonderful ability to set up emotional scenes that can grab a reader’s heart. Take a journey into The Nightmare Frontier. Your map is useless. Proceed with caution.
Ash Arceneaux, The Rites of Romance Reviews

The Nightmare an old-fashioned romp through a dark eldritch landscape. The night is alive with the sounds of insectoid clatter and strange things move in the mist. Rainey’s thick lush prose brings this darkness to life in a compelling fashion. Fans of H.P. Lovecraft and Manly Wade Wellman are going to find themselves quite comfortable. You’re in the hands of a veteran of horror, and he will leave suitably terrified. 
—Steve Vernon, Cemetery Dance

Stephen Mark Rainey is author of the novels Dark Shadows: Dreams of the Dark (with Elizabeth Massie), Balak, The Lebo Coven, Blue Devil Island, and The Nightmare Frontier; the short-story collections Fugue Devil & Other Weird Horrors, The Last Trumpet, Legends of the Night, and Other Gods; and over 100 works of short fiction. He achieved questionable infamy and absolutely no fortune as editor of Deathrealm magazine, and has edited the anthologies Deathrealms, Song of Cthulhu, and Evermore (with James Robert Smith).

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