Tuesday, October 6, 2020: Accent on Nerds
I was going through old files, searching for a copy of my dad’s obituary, when I happened upon a folder full of family memorabilia, mostly from the 1970s and 80s. Among them were some singularly horrific items featuring my brother and me, the most egregious being an Accent on People feature from The Martinsville Bulletin, Sunday, May 12, 1974.... (Read more.)


n case you haven't guessed, you've stumbled upon The Realm of Stephen Mark "Damned Rodan" Rainey. Browse around, check out my books (click on the covers below for detailed information), and drop me a note if you find something to fuss about. (You may call me "Mark," by the way; people who address me as "Stephen" usually want money.) Feel free to play with the buttons. And please do follow The Blog Where Horror Dwells for the latest news about my writing and other strange goings-on.

If you haven't read my work before, there's never been a better time to give it a try! Lots of my titles are currently available in various editions, including e-books and audio books. I hope you find something here that will scare the pants off you!*


*Sorry, but I cannot be held responsible for your pants.


Now Available From Crossroad Press!


An exciting new entry in Elizabeth Massie's Ameri-Scares series for readers ages 8–14!

On a hike along the shores of Lake Superior, thirteen-year-old Anna Hendrix sees a huge creature rise from the waters, and—to her horror—sink a tour boat. Soon afterward, Jeff Grigg, also thirteen, encounters a similar but smaller creature in the woods around his parents' vacation house. Unable to resist investigating, Anna and Jeff meet at a huge waterfall, where they discover a hidden cave. Inside it, they find a cave painting of a creature that resembles the ones they have seen.

Suddenly, in a bizarre twist of time and space, the youngsters are transported to strange, unknown land, vastly different from the Michigan they know. Here, they meet a mysterious but friendly young man who calls himself Skyhawk. He claims to be a member of a civilization that can only be reached by way of the cave. Read more.


Now Available from Crossroad Press!
An exciting entry in Elizabeth Massie's Ameri-Scares series for young readers, ages 8–14.

Vance Archer and Marybeth Wilkins, a pair of adventurous seventh graders, have discovered an exciting activity called geocaching—a kind of scavenger hunt using GPS technology—which leads them after hidden treasures in the woods around their community. On one of their outings, they encounter a frightening, half-seen creature with glowing red eyes watching them from the shadows. Soon, Vance receives mysterious messages on his phone from a caller named Indrid Cold. He learns that this name is associated with the legendary Mothman, a strange, unearthly being that is said to appear when some terrible event is about to occur. Believing that they—as well as their friends and loved ones—may soon face mortal danger, Vance and Marybeth try to solve the increasingly strange clues before disaster strikes.


Each Ameri-Scares novel is based on or inspired by an historical event, folktale, legend, or myth unique to that particular state.


Check out West Virginia: Lair of the Mothman here.


Now Available From Crossroad Press!

The war that never ends has begun....

AUTUMN, 1943: The beginning of the American offensive against the Japanese in the South Pacific. Just west of the Solomon Islands lies a remote, desert island called Conquest, where the U.S. Navy stations a new fighting squadron, led by Lieutenant Commander Drew McLachlan, an ace pilot and veteran of the Battle of Coral Sea.

With his group of air warriors, who call themselves the Blue Devils, McLachlan soars into frequent combat with the Japanese, inflicting serious casualties upon the enemy. However, on the squadron's island home, signs appear that it may not be entirely alone, for in nearby volcanic caves, McLachlan finds evidence of habitation by unknown natives-natives that resemble no known living race, and that may yet exist in the mysterious subterranean catacombs. As the tension on the island mounts, McLachlan is forced to fight on two fronts: against their known enemy, the Japanese, and an unknown, predatory force that leaves mutilated victims as the only evidence of its presence.

As the Solomons campaign enters into its final skirmishes, the Japanese at last turn their attention to Conquest Island. In the final conflict, the Blue Devils find themselves the target of an overwhelming assault by the desperate Imperial Japanese forces-and McLachlan must face the reality that the key to his men's survival lies deep in the dark and deadly caves of Conquest Island itself.

"...An enjoyable World War II adventure with a science-fiction plot twist. Readers nostalgic for the era's war movies and pulp fiction will enjoy the ride."-Publisher's Weekly

Check out Blue Devil Island here.



Paperback, ebook, and audiobook...
From Crossroad Press

Lost in the Dismal Swamp....

Devastated and homeless after a personal tragedy, Courtney Edmiston accepts an invitation to stay with her old college friend, Jan Blackburn. Jan lives with her brother, David, and their eccentric aunt Martha on the edge of the Dismal Swamp, near Fearing, North Carolina. There, Courtney soon discovers that the Blackburns have had more than their share of tragedies... and accumulated enemies... of their own. Plus there is the strange, monstrous, looming figure she frequently glimpses in and around the swamp. Is this ghostly entity — which Aunt Martha calls the Monarch — a bizarre ally? Or a deadly foe?

"I would recommend The Monarchs to anyone who enjoys their horror intelligently written, character driven, and bloody. Without giving too much away, I can say that The Monarchs has one of the most exciting endings to a novel that I've read in the last year. You really shouldn't pass this one by."-TT Zuma,  Horrorworld

 Check out The Monarchs, including an exerpt, here.


Exclusively for your Kindle!
Start reading The Gods of Moab on your Kindle in under a minute at

A pleasant New Year's Eve outing becomes an experience in otherworldly horror when two close-knit couples discover a shocking secret in the darkest corners of the Appalachian mountains. At an opulent mountain inn, Warren Burr, his fiancee Anne, and their friends, Roger and Kristin Leverman, encounter a religious zealot named John Hanger, who attempts to induct them into his bizarre sect. His efforts rebuffed, Hanger insidiously assumes control of the couples' technological devices, leading them to stumble into surreal landscapes...landscapes inhabited by nightmarish, murderous entities. To return to their familiar reality, Warren and his friends must not only escape the deadly creatures that pursue them but somehow stop John Hanger's nightmare-plague from spreading to our world.


Check out The Gods of Moab here.

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